Friday, 15 April 2011


here are some proxy free cheats!!!!

Free Easter Decoration

If you are from Greece just log into stardoll and click HERE. Or if you are from anywhere else
 log into stardoll and click HERE. You'll be directed to the contest page. The decoration should
 be in a starplaza bag in your suite

Free Harajuku Mermaid Outfit

This mermaid outfit is two different items (skirt and top).If you are from the UK 
then just log into stardoll and click HERE. If you are not then you will need to
 use a proxy, go to or
Paste this in the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. Then paste this: 

You'll be redirected to Once the page has loaded cross off the proxy.
 The outfit should be in a harajuku bag in your suite.
Horned puffin
The Endangered Species is back 
to get this all you have to do is go to the campaign page here:

Then click 'Adopt me' The Puffin should be in your suite, just 
sitting there... without any box or bag to open

(Remember to put www. in front of each address.)Enjoy!!!

♥Free Tshirt & Camera

♥Free Saturdays wallpaper
join the club 10 84

♥Free 10 stardollars
connect ur stardoll account to facebook

♥Free Wolrd Cup Poster
join the club 2127369

♥Free Tokio Hotel Head
join the club

♥Free Amy Diamond things
join the club

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